Tel Aviv, Israel!

When my husband and I began making plans to visit Israel, about 2 months before the trip, one of the first things I did was look online for AA and NA meetings. No matter what other exciting aspects of the trip we were planning, I knew that getting to meetings would add another dimension.

Having been in recovery for many years, the principles and the connections in recovery are very important to my everyday life. By maintaining both, finding ways to remind myself of some of the basics, as well as stay connected, I not only don’t consider drinking or drugging, but I maintain my spiritual fitness. Continue reading

I am 29 Today

Ongoing Recovery, One More Day

 Today I am 29. Twenty-nine years without a drink or a drug. Since every day alive is a miracle and a gift, I count many thousands of miracles and gifts. They have not all been “good” days, but each has been tolerable. Even if I have “found it necessary to use,” I have not used. One day at a time, for 29 years. Continue reading

Elk Hunting Part 6

After the successful shot…The work begins!

Now I realize how far away I am and how fortunate to get not only a shot at this elk, but a clean kill. I reload my rifle (I am hunting alone, although several others are a few miles away and there are bear and mountain lions in the woods ), put the safety on and hike up to my reward. She is big…and really far from any trail or foreseeable route out of the forest. Oh well, might as well start field dressing anyway. I hang my orange coat on a high branch to signal where I am and soon Erik appears. He has heard me shoot and hiked over the ridge, locating my exact whereabouts by spotting my orange coat. When I get to the ridge, I have a weak cell, but enough to text Loren to join us too, preferably with the ATV. Continue reading

Traveling and Recovery

Hello Recovering People!

I have been traveling; so have not checked in for a while. Of all of the possible topics to discuss now, it seems that maintaining recovery while traveling could be useful. Spring break is coming up for those on a school schedule and others may be planning summer trips already.

In the past, my vacations were a product of my addiction, just like everything else. Continue reading

Elk Hunting Part 5

Third Day’s a Charm

 Hunting has been especially rewarding this year, sort of a tipping point in both my hunting aptitude and attitude. I have enjoyed it more than ever and have been slightly less goal oriented. Each morning, beginning the first day of my eight-day elk and deer season, I leave the house happy to be able to go for “an armed hike.” If I see an animal, if I can get a good shot and an elk or deer, it would make my day. If I do not get a shot, or even see animals, I will not be discouraged and think they have all left my area; I will simply enjoy the woods! Continue reading