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Update 10/10/2014

Thanks to all who tuned in!  If you missed it, you can still hear the program at the following link:


Hey Friends,

I will be interviewed on this online radio show on this Thurs night, Oct 9th. Please consider listening and maybe even calling in with a question or comment for me. Topic:  Who’s Your Higher Power?. ( on Amazon, $.99 download, or physical book easily available). The show is fairly new, so not a lot of regular listeners.  Please consider sharing the link with anyone who has an interest in a Higher Power discussion!

LIVE Broadcast This Thursday Night
9 PM Eastern  / 7 PM Mtn / 6 PM Pacific


“Why?” Answer: 1. It doesn’t matter.

Try asking, “what, where, how, who can help me change and be the person I am meant to be.” Choose a path, take it. If you get the results you are seeking, stay on the pathway. If you don’t like the results, choose a different path.
Continue to pay attention to being the person you want to be. Keep asking “how do I continue?”
If a specific method has worked for others, it may work for you. Students who attend class and do the homework, often pass the course. People who do a little research about food and exercise and eat fewer calories than they burn up usually lose weight. And addicts (including alcoholics) who embrace 12 step groups, read the books and work the steps, have a good chance of recovering from addiction.
One catch is that as spiritual beings, we must include some spiritual component to all, yes all, aspects of our lives. Compartmentalizing does not work. Excluding spirituality from one segment of our life, like work, or drinking or overeating just takes energy and confuses us. If God is God, then He can help with every aspect of our lives.

Bring Olympic Qualities to Your Life

This year’s winter olympics are only about 100 days away.olympicrings

Besides being entertained by the Olympics and enjoying those adrenalin rushes from watching speed skating, downhill, mogul and halfpipe events, there may be more to be learned from these exceptional athletes. Obviously physically gifted, what else do they have going for them? What allows some individuals to become Olympians or simply to feel good about their lives, while others land in jail, divorce court for the third time, or are brain dead from a drug overdose…or just have that knot in their gut that prevents genuine satisfaction and joy in everyday living? Continue reading

Christianity Fits Well With 12 Step Programs

Christianity fits well with 12 step programs. In fact, much of the content of the 12 steps is directly from the Bible. We don’t tell people this in early recovery, as so many have resentments against religion, especially Christianity. Sadly, many individuals have been damaged in the name of religion. Parents, teachers and religious leaders sometimes use religion, or “God” as a way to demean, blame, and intimidate children.

Christianity and 12 steps

Christianity and 12 step programs

Many children feel threatened by the concept of a critical and punishing God. In addition, abuse, including sexual abuse, by clergy is all too common, often doing irreparable harm. Continue reading