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Update 10/10/2014

Thanks to all who tuned in!  If you missed it, you can still hear the program at the following link:


Hey Friends,

I will be interviewed on this online radio show on this Thurs night, Oct 9th. Please consider listening and maybe even calling in with a question or comment for me. Topic:  Who’s Your Higher Power?. ( on Amazon, $.99 download, or physical book easily available). The show is fairly new, so not a lot of regular listeners.  Please consider sharing the link with anyone who has an interest in a Higher Power discussion!

LIVE Broadcast This Thursday Night
9 PM Eastern  / 7 PM Mtn / 6 PM Pacific

Suicide: Sadly, A Permanent Solution

This column is dedicated to the memory of those who have succeeded in taking their own lives, to those who have considered or attempted to do so, and especially to those who feel the loss of their loved one.

Is there anything worse than to not want to go on living? Seeing no end to unbearable pain,suicide unable to imagine joy, peace or simply absence of anguish, the suicide victim is desperately isolated. Last week another friend succeeded in suicide. His pain is gone and his friends and family are grieving, each one wondering how he or she could have possibly made a difference. Continue reading

Christianity Fits Well With 12 Step Programs

Christianity fits well with 12 step programs. In fact, much of the content of the 12 steps is directly from the Bible. We don’t tell people this in early recovery, as so many have resentments against religion, especially Christianity. Sadly, many individuals have been damaged in the name of religion. Parents, teachers and religious leaders sometimes use religion, or “God” as a way to demean, blame, and intimidate children.

Christianity and 12 steps

Christianity and 12 step programs

Many children feel threatened by the concept of a critical and punishing God. In addition, abuse, including sexual abuse, by clergy is all too common, often doing irreparable harm. Continue reading

Religion or 12 step Programs or Both?

Consider Judaism.

The Stories in Who’s Your Higher Power? Finding a God of Your Own Understanding, Dawn V. Obrecht, M.D. Richerpressllc, due out July 2013   star2include some from addicts who have returned to or discovered and embraced a traditional religion, usually Christianity or Judaism. Some of them found their way out of addiction by becoming Christian; others, like me, have had a longer and more circuitous route. Some addicts have found their initial recovery from specifically Christian-based recovery programs. Men and women raised attending synagogue or church sometimes find they are able to incorporate old religious training with new recovery concepts. Others come to sobriety without having had previous religious or spiritual input at all. Continue reading