If You Really Knew Me, Would You Still Like Me?

If you knew me, would you like me!!

“If you really knew me, you would not like me!” This is the refrain playing over and over in the heads of so many human beings. I know very few dogs and cats, almost no birds and not one elk or deer who think this way. Corollaries to the above are, “I am not good enough,” “I can’t do it right.” This is the junk that occupies space and time in our weary minds and keeps us from being the best and most comfortable human beings we can be. These negative recordings come from long ago, infiltrating our brains from birth, probably prior to, and indefinitely into adulthood. Shut off the valve that indiscriminately allows the negative and critical to enter, uninvited, into the fiber of your being!
We were tiny little impressionable beings when our parents’ propaganda, demonstrated or spoken, began making its way into and through us, eventually becoming ours. Said propaganda is really part of them, the parental units, but since we were “clean slates” as short people, we adopted it as part of us. Hmmm. Simple solution? Do not accept the parts we do not want. Simple, not easy.

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