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Invest in your Medical Practice and increase revenue and job satisfaction in 2023!

As a physician who was in private practice as a family doctor for many years, and as traveling medical missionary, DocDawn is experienced in setting up and staffing effective and efficiently operating medical facilities. A traveling doctor who has had short and long term assignments throughout Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming among other places, DocDawn has learned by experience what works and what does not.

DocDawn evaluates medical practices to teach you and your staff how to be more efficient, reducing stress and time spent at the office. She can provide easy to implement tips to increase patient satisfaction and improve employee satisfaction. This will aid you, as a physician, in growing a happy and productive medical practice. You will learn what was not taught in medical school – the business of running a medical office. DocDawn can help you prevent costly mistakes and stay out of financial trouble and, more importantly, out of legal trouble. She can coach your staff on how to handle insurance issues in a way that will increase payments. Let her help you reduce stress in dealing with the necessary paperwork that comes with having a business in the medical field.

Experienced Business Consultant, Erik Landvik, MBA from the University of Colorado School of Business, partners with Dawn V. Obrecht, M.D. to provide you with an evaluation and steps to make your practice more successful and increase revenue.

Contact DocDawn or Erik Landvik, for a free estimate of cost to evaluate YOUR Practice!
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