The Need For Speed!

Wonder why your friend, family member or significant other is behaving erratically? Why are they so angry so much of the time these days? They’re either not around, sleeping, wired or paranoid. Hmmm. Could be drugs. Maybe not; maybe just, “going through a phase.” Or, repeat, could be drugs. Methamphetamine. Speed. Tough to live with, very tough to kick and almost impossible to do occasionally, meth has been around since the late 1800’s, used openly during World War II (airmen’s or tank chocolate), and was around in various forms in the sixties. Wasn’t Everything around then? Out here in the wild west, meth has made a recent resurgence. It is the third most used and abused drug, right after alcohol and marijuana, a bigger and more serious abuse problem than cocaine and heroin. Relatively easy to acquire, either to buy or to make with readily available ingredients, methamphetamine (crystal, ice, crank etc.) is a cheap drug. Continue reading