Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship, Part1

What’s that? Never seen or heard of a “healthy relationship”? No problem. You can learn. You can do it differently. None of us have to remain victims of what we have observed and endured so far…we can change if we want to. But…the deal is…we can only change ourselves. We cannot change other people. This is not to say that people in functional relationships don’t make requests of each other. They do. Often the other person in the relationship responds affirmatively, sometimes not. Continue reading

Focus on the Issue

Do you care what political views others hold? Do you care what religious beliefs they embrace? Should everyone be just like you? Are you in charge of their preferences? Think everyone should go to college and all women should work outside of their homes, leaving all child rearing to??? Or the opposite, all mothers should stay home full time, pulling warm homemade cookies out of the oven just as Jr. walks through the door from school? Should everyone have the same dress code as you do? Should all people have a dog? A child? How far do you take these prejudices? Continue reading


Last year I wrote about the H and O of H.O.W., the HOW of change, of recovery from addiction or from anything else.  Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness are some of the ingredients necessary to move along this pathway. If you are stuck, physically, emotionally or spiritually, take a look at these three pieces and see if you can progress by paying more attention to your HOW.

Willingness. Willingness to change, progress, recover from anything. Webster’s dictionary defines willing as: 1.inclined or favorably disposed in mind, ready, 2. prompt to act or respond, 3. done, borne, or accepted by choice or without reluctance, 4. of or relating to the will or power of choosing, volitional, voluntary. Continue reading